What Is Spanish Fly, Exactly?

by Miral khattak
Spanish Fly

The name “Spanish fly” has been used for several different aphrodisiacs that are said to make women feel sexual and give men strong erections. On the other hand, the actual Spanish fly has a poisonous material inside that can burn your skin.

The term “Spanish fly” refers to a group of love pills and aphrodisiacs that have been on the market for many years.

A few drops of Spanish fly are said to make women want to be with a man and give men erections so strong they would make a movie star blush. 

Most of the time, the things sold as Spanish flies are water, sugar, and empty claims. The thing that the Spanish fly is named after is very strong, but not in the way you’d expect. 

Where Did It Come From? 

Where Did It Come From? 
  • The actual Spanish fly comes from blister beetles, especially a chemical called cantharidin, which they make. The insect’s name doesn’t come from nothing; cantharidin makes skin boil.
  • People have used cantharidin for a long time. Some of its most famous users were a Roman empress who used it to get her family to do sexual things that were bad enough to blackmail her; Roman gladiators who used it for orgies; queens who used it on their kings and those kings on their mistresses to make things more exciting; and many others. 

Dried beetles were crushed and mixed with drinks or sweets, and the person who received them would eat or drink them to feel warmer and have their genitalia swell up. But these fuzzy feelings are caused by inflammation, not desire.

In addition to giving men long-lasting erections, the Spanish fly was found to have several nasty effects, even death. Yes, even death, as the sad Marquis de Sade learned the hard way in 1772 when he gave Spanish fly-laced sweet aniseed balls to whores who later died horribly from them. 

  • Since then, there has been a lot of information about how dangerous Spanish flying can be.
  • Trusted Source and should have:
  • painful urination, blood in the pee, vomiting, and trouble swallowing
  • priapism is a fancy word for painful erections that won’t go away.
  • Lower back pain
  • Not enough kidneys
  • stomach bleeding, seizures, coma 

It’s Still For Sale, Right? 

There are still things in sex shops and online that are called “Spanish fly,” but they don’t have cantharidin or the bug in them. Even the ones that say they are “original” Spanish flies are made of the same things in most other goods sold as natural or herbal aphrodisiacs, like ginseng, maca, and ginkgo biloba.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet cleared cantharidin. However, researchers are looking into how it might help with some conditions, such as warts, some types of cancer, and molluscum contagiosum.

What about those possible fake Spanish fly goods that don’t have cantharidin? The FDA doesn’t think any over-the-counter aphrodisiacs are safe or sound. 

Do You Have Any Other Options? 

There isn’t a lot of proof that aphrodisiac foods work, even though they have flashy ads and big claims. They don’t work at best, and at worst, they might be contaminated or even dangerous.

But don’t give up. Some things you can do won’t cost you a lot of money or put your health at risk but will make your libido go up, or your sexual performance get better. 

Move Around More. 

You can work out to have better sex. In contrast to the Spanish fly, exercise has been shown to make women more sexually aroused and men more sexually productive. Women who work out regularly were more sexually aroused and satisfied, according to a report from 2018 Trusted Source.

A lot of studies have also shown that men who work have lower rates of impotence, better erections, and better sexual function, whether they are young or old.

How does exercise make all of this possible? It all comes down to what it’s linked to: 

  • better blood flow
  • longer lasting energy and strength
  • more self-confidence, a better mood, and less stress
  • the release of happy chemicals
  • stronger genital response 

Get Some Sun. 

There’s a reason for spring fever and summer flings: the sun does make you feel wild!

Just 30 minutes of sunlight has been shown to raise testosterone levels in men who don’t have much sexual drive and make them three times happier with their sexual lives.

Some hormones that affect our mood and arousal are serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. Being in the sun raises our vitamin D levels, which makes us happy.

Plus, when it’s hot outside, many of us naturally think about sex more, which makes us want to be sexual. 

Get A Massage. 

Dopamine and serotonin levels rise when you massage. Besides that, it lowers the stress hormone cortisol. Touch also feels great and makes people feel closer to each other.

You and your partner will both feel better after a romantic massage. It will also get you both ready for sex. All you need is some massage oil and your hands. Touching acupressure places on the feet and scalp will make the massage even sexier. 

Talk With Your Partner. 

When it comes to sexual relationships, even if it’s just a fling, talking to each other is very important. Find out what gets them excited and what parts of their body they like being touched.

There are erogenous zones on everyone, not just the genitals and nipples. You might be shocked when they tell you what theirs are! Talking can give you a lot of helpful information that will make sex more exciting for everyone. Speaking about it will also get the juices moving. 

A Note On Giving Permission Spanish Fly

Consent has to be brought up whenever you talk about sex, Bill Cosby, or Spanish fly.

Before you do any kind of sexual touch, you need to get permission. No questions asked.

It may not seem dangerous to give someone an herbal aphrodisiac without their knowledge, but it is illegal and dangerous to do so. Putting a drug used for rape in someone’s drink is the same thing.

A man in the UK made news in 2016 when he was charged with giving someone a drug so that he could spike a friend’s drink with a Spanish fly. The judge decided that he did it knowing she disagreed and to make her unconscious or weak so they could have sex. 

If You Think Someone Has Given You Some

If you think someone gave you an aphrodisiac without your permission, you should get help right away. Talk to someone who can help you, call the cops if you feel safe doing so, and ask to see a doctor, even if the substance was said to be “natural.” 

In The End 

The actual Spanish fly is very dangerous and challenging to find these days. There are still products with that name, but they don’t work and could be dangerous.

If you or your partner are worried about your low libido or sexual problems, you should see a doctor. They can rule out severe health problems and offer treatments that have been shown to increase your sex drive. 

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