Everything You Need to Know About Semen Retention

by Miral khattak

Some people choose to keep their sperm for spiritual, social, or physical reasons. It includes orgasming without ejaculating and not ejaculating at all.

Semen-holding is the practice of not ejaculating.

Sure, you can achieve this goal by completely abstaining from sexual activity. If you’d rather not pee during an orgasm, there are other options. 

It might sound like a crazy new trend, but the practice has probably existed since the beginning.

There are many different reasons why people try it, ranging from physical to mental to spiritual.

Please keep reading to find out how semen retention works, what its advantages are, and whether its claims have any scientific support. 

Where Did This Thought Come From? 

Where Did This Thought Come From? 

  • It may seem like a new idea to talk about sperm retention, but that’s only because websites and groups have made it easier to do so.
  • This is not a new concept; it is rooted in long-standing customs.
  • People are interested in semen retention for many reasons, one of which is the idea that ejaculating too often makes you weak.
  • Some say that keeping the semen helps with pregnancy, sexual pleasure, or health.
  • Many people believe that storing sperm is an excellent way to channel sexual energy into other areas of life, such as personal development or enlightenment.
  • It represents, for some, the pinnacle of self-discipline. 

Will It Work The Same As “Nofap”?  

Will It Work The Same As "Nofap"?  

  • A common misconception is that “NoFap” means “semen retention”; however, these terms do not have the same meaning.
  • The community-based porn recovery service associated with the group NoFap is Nofap.com. 
  • According to NoFap.com’s “about” page, “NoFap” has no grammatical or semantic meanings.
  • Its declared mission is to provide information and community assistance to anyone struggling with sexual addiction so that they can overcome their condition and have healthier relationships. 
  • Even though it might come up, NoFap’s primary goal is to help people stop being dependent on porn, not to keep their sperm.

Does It Go By Any Other Names?

  • Coitus reservatus, semen conservation, and semen retention are some other names for semen retention.
  • Being sexually clean
  • It’s also a part of practices like cai Yin pu Yang and cai Yang pu Yin karezza.
  • marihuana
  • Changes in sexuality
  • Thai sex Tantric Taoism 

What Benefits Are Said To Be There? 

There are many reasons why people say that keeping the sperm is good, such as: 


  • having more self-control and confidence
  • Not as much stress and sadness
  • stronger willpower and better memory, focus, and general brain function 


  • more life force
  • better muscle growth
  • Better sperm quality with thicker hair and a louder voice 

The spirit

  • stronger connections
  • More life force, more happiness all around 

Is There Any Study To Back This Up? 

  • More studies are needed on this complicated, multifaceted subject. But even if you have yet to do enough study, some claims are false.
  • This means that more research and more extended studies are needed to be sure about specific claims.

These Studies Have Already Been Done Semen : 

  • In 2018, scientists conducted a comprehensive analysis of research on the duration between ejaculations and sperm characteristics. They discussed that there was a wide range in the quantity and quality of previous research. It appears that greater sperm motility is associated with drug abstinence for shorter durations (less than a day) rather than longer ones.  
  • In a study with animals done in 2007, it was discovered that masturbating more often decreased the number of androgen receptors in the brain. These receptors help your body use testosterone.
  • In a tiny study published in 2003, researchers discovered a connection between ejaculation and variations in blood testosterone levels. The 28 volunteers’ testosterone levels peaked on day seven of drug abstinence.  
  • People who stopped masturbating for three weeks were found to have higher testosterone levels in a small study from 2001.
  • Researchers looked at male players in 2000 and found that sexual activity didn’t hurt their performance, but having sex two hours before a game did. 

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