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by Miral khattak
 Makeup By Mario for Skincare

And Mario Dedivanovic has started his makeup line called “Makeup by Mario.” 

As you know, we like the marks and spots on our bodies. We like it when they show, even when we’re made up. The SurrealSkin Foundation, in honor of make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic, agrees with us. For the artist, one goal of the piece is for real skin to “shine through.”

makeup by mario foundation
Item FormLiquid
Skin TypeAll
Finish TypeNatural
Recommended Uses For ProductFace Makeup
Material Type FreeParaben Free

Make sure to inform TikTok about it. A whopping 22.9 million individuals have seen posts tagged with “surreal skin foundation.” Launched in late December, it has garnered accolades from the cosmetics industry (Jaleesa Jaikaran describes it as “beautiful” on her skin), the scientific community (Javon Ford claims it has a “unique formula” that provides a “nice, natural glow”), and the foundation community (content creator Aditya Madiraju describes it as having “good color match” and “hydration”).  

Ingredients and How It’s Made

Dr. Sheila Farhang, a dermatologist with board certification, and cosmetic chemist Ginger King examined the compounds.

A lot of foundations have a satiny finish because they are full of silicones. That’s not at all how the Makeup By Mario SurrealSkin Foundation works. Chemist Ginger King says, “It doesn’t use cyclic silicones or silicone resin to get a silky finish.” It does have dimethicone in it. Polyglyceryl-6 polyricinoleate is what makes it simple to spread. King points out, “[This is] a non-oily ester that helps with glide, has a good cushion, and leaves a glossy look.” 

Doctor Sheila Farhang, a board-certified dermatologist, says the formula’s ingredients are good for the face. She says that glycerin is like hyaluronic acid in that it draws water into the body. This means that even if you use it every day, your face will stay moist. Grapeseed oil is good for you in many ways, like fighting free radicals and making your face look better.”

Important Parts 

Because it’s not oily, polyglyceryl-6 polyricinoleate helps the makeup stay on your skin. It is the main ingredient in Makeup by Mario’s SurrealSkin Foundation. It also has emollients like grapeseed and sunflower oil, which make the makeup feel better on your skin.

The Mario Test is how I checked it.

The Mario Test is how I checked it

Dedivanovic did my makeup for the first time I used SurrealSkin. (I know it’s not the usual test method, I had never done it before, though. I was impressed by how well Kardashian did with her skill. Gets from working with him. But he didn’t even get a makeup brush out before putting Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream on my dry face and massaging it. “Skin prep is the key to creating a perfect base, so I always recommend applying a very emollient moisturizer before foundation,” He elaborates.

Next was the base. “I always start with one pump and apply and blend into the skin where coverage is needed most,” according to him. “Then, if necessary, I build and blend further for more coverage, but one pump really goes a long way.” She applied half a pump of the product to my face using a cosmetics mixing instrument. Using the wide end of his shiny new Surreal Foundation F4 Brush, he applied foundation to the center of my face. Afterward, he mixed the product using the fluffy end of the brush to distribute it out. His reasoning, he informed me, was to avoid having my face seem cakey around the corners when he applied my makeup. No, it wasn’t!

“You can mix the foundation with some moisturizer and pat it into the skin with your fingers for sheerer coverage,” Dedivanovic advises. In an effort to appear even more unretouched, I’ve been doing it daily. On the back of my hand, I will apply a pump of foundation and a dime’s worth of moisturizer. Then, I’ll apply foundation all over my face with a brush.

makeup by mario moisturiser

A unisex collection of Mario must-haves.

Gently massage cleanser in circular motions on wet skin. Leave on for 1-2 minutes then rinse thoroughly

After taking off my makeup, my face looks dull and red in some places, even though it’s smooth. This stuff made my skin look smoother and better with just a pump and a half. It also didn’t cover the freckles. My cheeks and lips are sacred to me. The best part is that it looks and feels great all day. When the makeup dries, it keeps the skin moist without making it feel sticky. Even though I worked eight hours in cold New York City and walked around the hot streets of Singapore for four hours, this effect didn’t go away. I’ve been living there for a week now. I wear it as my base for every event, and it stays on all day. 

It shocks me that I’ve been using this bottle when I need to cover up even though I don’t wear foundation. It only leaves behind skin that is light and even in tone. After taking normal care of my skin, I used a thick makeup brush to spread two pumps of shade 13W all over my face. It surprised me how easy it was to build the coverage. It was red, so I put a few more dots around my chin to hide it. I didn’t wear any makeup. I’ll be glad to have this bottle with me when I have to film for work. It will help my simple, natural makeup look better.

This base gets tens of me in every way. It’s simple to make, and the result is wet and smooth. I choose matte foundations most of the time because my face is oily. When I wore this one for hours, it didn’t get oily on me. 

makeup by mario for oily skin

It’s hard to find the right size online, which is the only thing I don’t like about this item. (The model shots are the only ones that work, and I’ve found that they don’t always show the best match after trying a few different shades.) This shot shows me in shade 24N, but it makes my face look too light. It was lighter on my skin in the middle of my face, so I put it there and then used bronzer around the sides to blend it in. 26N is the best fit for me, and I’m sure it will be one of my favorite foundations in 2023.

When you put this on, it looks beautiful. To cover up the spots in the middle of my face, I put on two coats of makeup. It made me look refreshed and dewy afterward. I didn’t even use a highlighter because the finish was so bright that it showed through my blush and powder. The shine never went away. The picture wasn’t quite as good, though. There were pimples on my tummy in the pictures that I saw. This makes me not want to wear it because I intend to photograph extensively during an upcoming event.


 In conclusion, “Makeup By Mario” has greatly impacted the beauty world with its new goods and methods. Mario Dedivanovic, a famous makeup artist, started the brand, which is all about transformation and freedom. Mario has years of experience in the makeup business, and it shows in every product. Everyday makeup fans can get professional-grade quality from Mario. The brand’s dedication to diversity, with shades and formulas that work for all skin tones and types, makes it even more of a leader in the beauty business. “Makeup By Mario” gives people the tools they need to change their looks and boosts confidence and imagination, letting each person show off their beauty. Even though the brand is always changing and leading the way, it stays true to Mario Dedivanovic’s goal of making high-quality makeup available to everyone.


1.What does Mario Dedivanovic do?

Mario Dedivanovic started Makeup By Mario. He is a famous makeup artist worldwide for the amazing changes he can make to star clients’ looks.

2. What kinds of things does Makeup By Mario sell?

Makeup By Mario sells many different kinds of makeup, such as lipsticks, eyeliners, highlighters, eyeshadows, brushes, and more. Mario’s skilled knowledge goes into making every product.

3. Can people with all skin types use Makeup By Mario products?

Yes, Makeup By Mario items are made to work with different skin types. But if you have unique skin problems, look at the ingredients list or talk to a skincare professional.

4. Does Makeup By Mario sell vegan goods that don’t test on animals?

Animal-friendly products are not used at Makeup By Mario. To find out about vegan goods, read the descriptions of each one or call customer service.

5. How do I choose the right color for my skin tone?

You can use the brand’s website’s shade finder tool and detailed details to help you pick the right color. In addition, customer help can give advice.

6. Where can I buy items from Makeup By Mario?

Products can be bought from the Makeup By Mario website and several authorized online and offline shops.

7. What are the rules for returning Makeup By Mario items?

Makeup By Mario lets you return gently used items within a certain amount of time after you buy them. For more information on how to return items, please visit the website.

8. Can Mario Dedivanovic give me beauty tips and how-tos?

In fact, Mario Dedivanovic shares many makeup lessons and tips on social media sites and his Makeup By Mario website.

9. There aren’t any special sets or limited edition items, right?

Makeup By Mario often comes out with limited edition collections and items. Sign up for the newsletter or follow the brand on social media to stay current.

10. In what ways can I find out about new product releases and sales?

You can stay current by signing up for the Makeup By Mario email and following the brand on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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