14 Best Face Scrub for Skincare By Glum

by Miral khattak
14 Best Face Scrub for Skincare By Glum

What kind of face scrub is best for you relies on your skin type, your concerns, and your tastes. Some well-known face scrubs that are good for your skin are listed below:

There are exfoliating face scrubs for all skin types and problems, like pimples and oily skin.

A face scrub might be all you need to get skin that looks healthy and bright. 

Beauty Lab scientist Danusia Wnek says, “Exfoliation is the process of getting rid of dead skin cells in the stratum corneum, the top layer of skin, to speed up cell turnover. So, whether you’re looking for an immediate or long-term improvement, a face scrub will do wonders for your skin’s appearance. Having a quality face scrub available at all times is a great method to maintain clean skin.

Our expertise in the field of skincare at the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab extends beyond the realm of do-it-yourself face scrubs, scalp scrubs, and body scrubs. In order to determine the efficacy of face scrubs and exfoliators, our laboratory makes use of specialized instruments to measure the performance of each product. It distributes each product to customer testers who have a variety of skin types and asks them to provide feedback on the effectiveness of each scrub. To determine which exfoliating face scrubs worked best, the Beauty Lab recently ran a test with 1,375 survey data points.

Regardless of your skin type or condition, you will find the ideal face scrub on our list. These facial scrubs have all been hand-picked by our beauty experts, tested in the GH Beauty Lab, or backed by rave feedback from satisfied customers.

Brightening Facial Scrub
Item FormScrub
Skin TypeAll
Product BenefitsSoftening,Brightening,Nourishing,Moisturizing,Exfoliating
Active Ingredientsargan oil,argan


Acure Brightening Facial Scrub


Extensive cleaning and reorganization


In our face scrub test at the GH Beauty Lab, this product really stood out. The exfoliating properties come from the plant components, such as powdered walnut shells and lemon peel. The deep-cleansing power really impressed testers; it got the best marks for both clearing impurities and brightening the skin. It also did perfectly in a test of removing full-coverage makeup. Many of the people who tested it in the lab said it was the best scrub they had ever used. According to them, it left their skin feeling “so refreshed and smooth, I didn’t need makeup” and “matte for hours after use.”

BrandSt. Ives
Item FormFoam
Skin TypeDull skin
Product BenefitsBrightening
Active Ingredientsvitamin c


Ives Fresh Skin Scrub Apricot


  • Definitely nice-smelling
  • Effectively reduces the look of holes

Despite its cult classic reputation, the renowned St. Ives retail cream scrub performed admirably in our laboratory testing. Good value and effective exfoliant. Our client testers said it was perfect for a variety of things: They liked how fresh and fruity it smelled, how well it removed dirt and oil, and how well it made pores look smaller. However, some people found the larger particles annoying. A tester said, “It made my skin glow and even made my makeup go on better.”

Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Polish Facial Exfoliator
Item FormCream
Skin TypeSensitive
Product BenefitsBrightening
Active Ingredientsglycolic_acid


Neutrogena Bright Boost Resurfacing Micro Polish Facial Exfoliator

  • Successfully smoothing
  • Mild mix

Using glycolic and mandelic acids to exfoliate, this drugstore exfoliator has been shown to improve skin tone and structure while being gentle on the skin. Within seconds, 91% of testers agreed that the formula made skin smoother, 94% said it was gentle, and 70% said it made skin lighter.

Extra Gentle Daily Scrub
Item FormScrub
Skin TypeOily, Combination, Sensitive
Product BenefitsExfoliating
Active Ingredientsvitamin_e, Citric Acid


Cetaphil Extra Gentle Daily Scrub

  • A light scraping
  • Formula that doesn’t irritate

If you want a softer brush, our experts thought this was a good choice. When compared to other leading performers, it did not irritate the skin to any degree. People with sensitive skin shouldn’t use scrubs too often, according to our experts, although this brand is well-known for being gentle on such skin. If you have sensitive skin, try their body wash.

Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Facial Scrub
BrandClean & Clear
Item FormCream
Skin TypeAll
Product BenefitsExfoliating
Active IngredientsSalicylic Acid


Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Facial Scrub

  • With chemicals that have been shown to help fight acne
  • Focuses on spots prone to acne

Blackheads and other impurities can be easily removed with Clean & Clear’s 2% salicylic acid face scrub. While our beauty experts have recommended salicylic acid as a potential acne fighter, we have not yet conducted laboratory testing on this hypothesis. “I have been plagued with blackheads on my nose and around my chin most of my life, and finally found something to end that problem,” a Walmart customer commented.

Exfoliating Polish
Skin TypeNormal
Product BenefitsExfoliating
Material FeatureNatural
Item Volume1


ZO Skin Health Exfoliating Polish

  • Softens skin
  • Maintain over time

In testing conducted by GH Beauty Lab, this dermatologist-developed ZO Skin Health polish with baking soda produced the silkiest skin. Customers loved it because it left their skin feeling smooth and soft, exfoliated just the perfect amount, and was the cleanest of all the scrubs tested. According to one tester, “My skin still felt smooth a day later.” Many others appreciated the fact that a small amount of the product had a significant impact.

Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser
Item FormScrub
Skin TypeNormal
Product Benefits5 oz/ 150 mL
Active Ingredientshydroquinone


Origins Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser

  • Refreshing aroma
  • Efficaciously reduces roughness

Our consumer testers were really impressed by the citrus-scented face scrub because it effectively cleansed the skin without irritating it. One reviewer even went so far as to say it was the ideal blend of face cleanser and mild scrub, praising the product’s mild exfoliation. After only one week, another tester who experienced greasy skin or blocked pores noticed a noticeable reduction. “I haven’t had such a soft face in years,” one tester remarked. “I like the amount of beads in the product, I feel like it gives me more scrubbing power.”

Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator

Volcanic ash from Jeju Island absorbs sebum and cleanses the pores. Protects skin from pollution and make it clean.


The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator


Formulation that doesn’t bother the skin

  • Dead skin is taken off.

This face scrub, which also did very well in our face scrub Lab test, is the one you need if you have trouble with pores that you can see. Our tests showed that it didn’t irritate and cleaned well. The people who tested it were surprised to see that it made their pores look smaller. “This product had my skin feeling refreshed, smooth, free of dead skin and with zero irritation,” a tester wrote.

Regenerist Facial Cleansing Brush

Minimize the appearance of blackheads, enlarged pores, and reduce oil congestion.


Olay Regenerist Facial Cleansing Brush

  • Excellent for thorough cleaning
  • Works nicely with a mild exfoliant

The delicate washing brush from Olay, which has won both the GH Beauty Award and the Beauty Lab test, effectively deep cleans while simultaneously exfoliating. Not only did it wash well (“deeper into pores than I could have gotten otherwise,” one tester said), but it was also user-friendly and left skin feeling silky.

Umbrian Clay Pore Purifying Face Exfoliator
Item FormClay
Product BenefitsCleansing
Skin TypeDry


fresh Umbrian Clay Pore Purifying Face Exfoliator

  • Reduces the visibility of pores
  • Makes a fantastic mask for your face

This Fresh recipe claims to absorb excess oil with clay and doubles as a face mask; however, we have not yet tested it in our Lab. “I have oily skin and large pores, but after just one application I noticed a decrease in both,” remarked a Nordstrom customer.

The Method: Polish
Item FormCream
Skin TypeAll
Use forSkin
Active Ingredientsavocado,peptides


Lancer Skincare The Method: Polish

  • Great for mature skin
  • Nicely scented

Director of the GH Beauty Lab Birnur Aral, PhD, says that this face scrub from Lancer Skincare is one of the few things she absolutely cannot live without for her aging skin. “I love the balanced level of exfoliation from quartz crystals and the soothing lavender scent,” according to her.

ExfoliKate Intensive Pore Exfoliating Treatment
BrandKate Somerville
Skin TypeAll
Product BenefitsExfoliating
Material FeatureNatural
Number of Items2


Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Pore Exfoliating Treatment

  • Makes skin feel smoother
  • Made with chemical exfoliants that work well

This acne-prone skin-clearing Kate Somerville treatment contains chemical exfoliants like salicylic and lactic acids. The former General Hospital beauty aid Katie Berohn has said, “It really works to hide my pores.” No matter how often I use it, my face always feels softer, smoother, and more toned afterwards.

Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser
  • New look, same great formula; packaging may vary
  • Made for sensitive skin, effective for all
  • Recognized by the National Eczema Association
  • EWG Certified plus Dermatologist Approved plus Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan plus Cruelty free


Suki Exfoliating Foaming Cleanser

  • A pleasant lemon smell
  • Makes the skin feel smooth

There are many natural oils and ingredients in this Suki face scrub that are made with sugar. These include coconut, lemongrass, sweet orange, chamomile, calendula, and lavender. The beauty head at GH says, “It’s called a cleanser, but this formula buffs skin so hard that it feels like baby skin.” “And it has the most refreshing, bracing citrus scent that immediately invigorates senses, too.”


To sum up, picking the best face scrub for skin care means thinking about your skin type, worries, and personal tastes. There are many choices in the market, and each one has its own chemicals and health benefits. Some popular choices include St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Exfoliating Cleanser, and Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.


 How often should I use a face scrub?

Depending on your skin type and how sensitive it is, you should use a face scrub between one and three times a week. To avoid discomfort, it’s important to find the right amount of exfoliation.

What skin types are suitable for face scrubs?

Face scrubs are suitable for most skin types, but those with sensitive or acne-prone skin should opt for gentler formulations. Individuals with dry or mature skin may benefit from scrubs with hydrating ingredients.

 Should I use a physical or chemical exfoliant in a face scrub?

This depends on the type of skin you have and what you like. Small bits are used in physical exfoliants to get rid of dead skin cells. Acids or enzymes are used in chemical exfoliants to break them down. Some face scrubs have both of these ingredients in them.

 Can face scrubs help with acne?

Face scrubs can help unclog pores and remove dead skin cells, which may contribute to acne. However, those with acne-prone skin should be cautious and choose a scrub with non-comedogenic ingredients.

 Can I use a face scrub if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, but it’s important to choose a gentle scrub with fine particles and avoid harsh ingredients. Consider doing a patch test before using a new product to check for any adverse reactions.

 Should I use a face scrub in the morning or evening?

You can use a face scrub either in the morning or evening, depending on your preference. Some people prefer using scrubs in the evening to remove the day’s impurities, while others like the morning for a fresh start.

Can I use a face scrub along with other skincare products?

Yes, you can incorporate a face scrub into your skincare routine. However, be mindful of other exfoliating products you may be using (such as serums or toners) to avoid over-exfoliation.

 How do I choose the right face scrub for my skin?

Consider your skin type, concerns, and any sensitivities you may have. Read product labels and look for ingredients that address your specific needs, such as hydration, brightening, or acne control.

Does it matter if I make my face scrub in the kitchen?

Yes, you can make DIY face scrubs using ingredients like sugar, coffee grounds, or oatmeal combined with natural moisturizers. However, be cautious with homemade scrubs, as some ingredients may be too abrasive for the skin. Always do a patch test first.

How can we determine whether face scrubs are effective?

Face scrubs and exfoliators are tested by scientists at the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab using technical tools on people from all over the country with different skin kinds. Before testing the deep-cleansing power of the face scrubs, our scientists make sure they are the best across all price ranges by seeing how well they remove full-coverage makeup.

We ship out samples to hundreds of customers who incorporate them into their daily skincare regimen without anyone noticing the disguised labels. Then, they provide a detailed report on the following:

  • How easy they are to use (smell, cleanliness, irritation, amount of exfoliation).
  • How well they remove dirt, oil, and other impurities.
  • How gentle and smooth they make the skin feel.
  • How bright and radiant the skin looks.
  • How small the pores look.

It took 1,375 poll responses for the Beauty Lab to find the best face scrubs on the market at the moment.

Which facial scrub is the most effective?

There are two main categories of exfoliants: chemical formulations and physical (or mechanical) exfoliants. Choose the one that works best for your skin type by considering these factors.

“Physical exfoliants physically remove dead skin cells from the skin by means of particles, granules, or tools such as cleansing brushes,” Wnek explains. Dermatologist Dendy Engelman, M.D. of New York City, claims that face scrubs are ideal for both oily and dry skin types since they remove dry spots and significantly alter skin texture.

Chemical exfoliants, such as salicylic acid and retinoids, are used to remove dead skin cells from the skin by breaking the links between them. “A chemical exfoliant goes deep into the pore and unclogs it,” Dr. Engelman adds on the subject. People who tend to have acne should use chemical peels.

Is it safe to use a facial scrub daily?

According to the Beauty Lab, you should use a face scrub two or three times a week (watch out for sensitive areas like the eyes) and gently rub it over wet skin in circular motions to prevent tiny tears and discomfort. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher on your face every morning after exfoliating.

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