Best Liquid Collagen for Skincare By Glum

by Miral khattak
Best Liquid Collagen for Skincare By Glum

It makes me so happy to talk about three best liquid collagen pills that I used for one month each. The number on the scale made me unhappy. My hair looked like it was getting thinner. My nails weren’t soft but also weren’t strong like they used to be. Collagen might be able to help with those problems, so I chose to give it a shot.

It really took a long time to find the goods that were perfect for my needs. What I found when I searched Google for “best liquid collagen” was nothing but blog posts that seemed to copy brand product pages. Those articles did not assist me in any way as a user. It was even worse because none of these blogs had ever used the goods they were writing about! That’s too bad for me, but it gives me a chance to do my study and share it with you!

Because everyone is different, I can’t promise that the three I tried will be the best liquid collagen pills for you. But they were the best for me. I will explain what those three items were and why I picked them to test.

Why Did I Want a Collagen Supplement that I Could Drink?

Choosing a best liquid collagen vitamin was the best choice for me for four reasons.

First, I have enough vitamins in powder form, such as my whey protein. It was easy for me to take something like a shot, a spoonful, a tincture, or straight from the bottle.

Also, some people say liquid vitamins are easier for the body to absorb. I would like to test that idea to see if it would work.

How Did I Come Across These Items?

To begin, I did a great deal of study. I shopped at Amazon and Wal-Mart while reading reviews from real customers. I looked on Reddit to see if there were any real user reviews of certain goods. I read a lot of good things about ten different liquid collagen products and chose the best three based on the following factors:

Some people wrote about a product they used, why they used it, and what it did for them. I read through all of their stories. You can find so much if you just look a little deeper.

Product ratings from reliable sources, not the brand’s website. I’ve been on the internet for a long time, and I don’t trust customer reviews and ratings on the brand’s website. Before I go ahead and spend my hard-earned cash on something, I want to be sure it’s a good buy. I’ve been ripped off before, and it hurts so much.


Price range—I didn’t want the best liquid collagen to cost a lot of money. It had to be affordable for me, and I thought that most people would want the same thing. I would be happy with it staying under $65 for me.

What I Thought About Three of the Best Liquid Collagen Supplements

Manna Collagen Peptides in Liposomal Form

Manna Collagen Peptides in Liposomal Form
  • NEOCELL HYALURONIC ACID SUPPLEMENT: NeoCell Hyaluronic Acid Berry Liquid helps support cellular health in the body and provides cellular hydration for plump, youthful skin* (Pack May Vary)
  • HYALURONIC ACID IN THE BODY: Hyaluronic acid is an important disaccharide found in tissues of the body as an essential lubricant of healthy joints and skin

I did a lot of research on Amazon, Google, and Reddit before I found Manna Liposomal Collagen Peptides. They got a very good review on Amazon (3.9/5). There are honest reviews, both good and bad. But I really like that about a product because it lets me read about how other people have used it.

Manna is a name of liposomal vitamins, which means they only make liquids. In theory, liposomal should take better than regular collagen liquid, capsules, or powder.

You can read about their supposed benefits on Amazon or their website. They say that they make hair and nails stronger and improve joint health and skin health.

I also liked that the flavour was chocolate toffee, and one serving = 1 tablespoon. I figured it could be a tiny treat for me, which would incentivize me to take it religiously for 30 days.

My 30 Day Experience

Week 1: The chocolate toffee tasted really good, and I was impressed by it after getting my first helping.

One thing I didn’t like was that once you open the bottle, you have to put it in the fridge. The bottle is pretty big, so it takes up a lot of space in your fridge. They should make the bottles smaller, that’s all.

Some people might not like that you can’t mix it with hot drinks either. The bottle makes it very clear that it should only be mixed with cold drinks. I take it right from the bottle, so this doesn’t bother me. It’s just easier for me that way.

I didn’t notice any effects at the end of week 1. That being said, I liked the taste and was eager to finish the whole 30-day supply.

Week 2: Around the middle to end of week two, I noticed that my hair was growing a little faster than usual. Like most people, my nails were getting longer. I didn’t see any changes in my face like wrinkles or cellulite getting less noticeable.

Week 3: This week, I began to notice that my hair and nails were different. My goal for the best liquid collagen was to make my hair and nails bigger and stronger. After three weeks of taking this product, I felt like I had reached that goal, which was great. I didn’t notice any of the skin perks that were said to be there.

Week 4: Things got tougher on my nails. Also, they grew a lot faster. I think I cut them twice in weeks 3 and 4. My hair looked very different, too; it was a little thicker and grew faster than usual. Also, I could feel that my skin was getting tighter, especially under my chin and around my neck. 

This could be because I’ve been working out much harder and taking manna Liposomal Collagen Peptides at the same time.

Biotin, Keratin, and Saw Palmetto are in Sirunes Liquid Collagen For Women Liquid Drops.

Biotin, Keratin, and Saw Palmetto are in Sirunes Liquid Collagen For Women Liquid Drops
Item FormLiquid
Age Range (Description)Adult
Material FeatureNatural
Number of Items120

Being on Manna best liquid collagen has helped my hair and nails grow since I began taking it. It was easy to take and tasted good. But it made me think about whether there was a liquid collagen that could help my hair, nails, and face.

It was on Amazon that I found Sirunes milk collagen. Lots of people have reviewed this item, and it always gets 4.8/5 stars. However, what caught my attention was that it was a medicine droplet. Another item that is very simple to use and only costs $16.99! If it worked as well as manna, I could save $40 on each order. Of course, I couldn’t wait to try it.

My 30 Day Experience

Week 1: The package of Sirunes liquid collagen that I ordered on Amazon got to me a few days later. It made me think of manna the first time I took it. It was really simple to take. I only used the liquid and drank it straight up. I somewhat like the taste of mint, but it’s a bit too strong. It doesn’t taste as good as manna’s, but it’s also not awful. During the first week, I didn’t notice any changes in my skin, hair, or nails.

Week 2: It wasn’t too different from the first week to the second. Really, I felt like I was drinking medicine for no reason. Still, nothing worked.

Week 3: This week, I saw some changes in my face that were better. There was a little more life and energy in it. But I wasn’t thrilled with the results yet.

Week 4:I almost threw away the bottle before I decided to use this for four weeks. To be honest, I didn’t like the taste anymore, and I was sick of not getting the results I wanted. By the end of my 30 days, I didn’t think Sirunes liquid collagen was much better than manna at making my skin look better. Manna’s liquid collagen tastes much better than Sirune’s, and it works better for hair and nail growth.

I hope that things go better for you if you choose Sirune Liquid Collagen. It didn’t work at all for me.

Collagen Liquid for Youth

Collagen Liquid for Youth
Item FormLiquid
Age Range (Description)Adult
Package InformationPacket

That was it! This was my last chance to find a best liquid collagen that would make my face better. I already knew that the liquid collagen in manna would make my hair and nails stronger, but I still wanted my face to look better. If this one didn’t work, I’d be sure collagen can’t help my face or the skin on my body get better.

The following things are in Youtheory Collagen Liquid, which should, in theory, help skin health:

  • Verisol Collagen Peptides
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides
  • 18 Amino Acids
  • 5g of Protein

Over 900 people had given it 4.3 out of 5 stars when I found it on Amazon. It’s just that it’s hard to find the best liquid collagen on Amazon that has more than 4.3 stars. At least the scores are real!

But I was willing to try it anyway since some people liked the taste and others didn’t. Since it comes in small packets, you don’t have to measure anything. These are great for people who move.

The best thing? It only cost me $15! It says $20.99 on the box, but Amazon had a 31% off deal.

My 30 Day Experience

Week 1:I was very excited to see the individual boxes when I got the package. There’s no way I like to measure out liquid vitamins. Most of the time, I just guess or use a spoon. I can rip the top off of this single-serve box and drink it, though. That’s pretty much as easy as it gets.

After drinking some, I thought it tasted pretty good at first, but the aftertaste was awful! I knew right away that this would be hard for me to take for 30 days! Thank goodness the aftertaste didn’t last too long because that’s all that kept me from throwing away.

As with most collagen supplements, there were no results or benefits to share after the first week. Now it’s week 2!

Week 2:I could tell my hair and nails were different a few days into week 2. The way it worked felt a lot like manna, though maybe not as strong. There was no change in the way my skin looked. I started to doubt the claims that these brands make about how their collagen will improve your skin’s health. Or maybe it was just me; collagen doesn’t seem to help my skincare.

Week 3: I had more bad news this week because this tool wasn’t helping me with anything. It wasn’t a big deal because it only cost me $15 and change, but I was really thinking about giving up when I looked at my notes.

Week 4: I stopped taking it because I had lost faith in it. The bad aftertaste and lack of perks tipped the scales in my favour. It’s time to give up.

Honourable Mentions: The Best Liquid Collagen Supplements I Almost Bought

There were a lot of other liquid collagen pills that I almost bought instead of the three on this list. Let’s look at the people who got good marks!

Hydrolyzed Liquid Collagen From BeRadiant

As I looked into liquid collagens, this product was going up in price on Amazon. “1,000 bought in the last month” was written under the item. The only thing I didn’t like about this product was that it had Collagen Peptides, Biotin, Vitamin C, and CoQ10. I didn’t take it because it had too many chemicals, and I wasn’t sure what it would do to my body.

Windsor Collagen in Liquid Form

Windsor says that their liquid collagen supplement is made in the USA with materials from around the world. There are 10,000 mg of collagen and 5,000 mg of biotin in every bowl. I think this would have been the next liquid collagen I would have tried. And maybe I will in the future.

Biotin and Collagen in Liquid Form to Help Hair Grow

One reason I didn’t buy this product was because I didn’t trust the reviews from other people. When I read them, they didn’t feel real. The only reviews and scores that I trusted were the ones that talked about how it didn’t work for hair growth, even after taking it for months.

Collagen from NEOCELL and Pomegranate Juice

A lot of people have written great things about NEOCELL, which is a vitamin. I didn’t go with it because many real reviews said it tasted bad. We won’t buy it because of this reason, but I can’t say for sure that it’s bad because I haven’t tried it.


In conclusion, the use of liquid collagen has gained considerable popularity in recent years due to its potential benefits for skin health, joint mobility, and overall well-being. As we’ve explored throughout this discussion, best liquid collagen supplements offer a convenient and effective way to support collagen production in the body, which plays a crucial role in maintaining youthful skin and joint function.


1. What is collagen juice, and how is it different from other collagen supplements?

Liquid collagen is a product that has collagen peptides that have been broken down and mixed with water. It’s already broken down, which makes it easier for the body to take than powders or pills. It’s different from other collagen pills because it’s easy to use.

2. What are some possible advantages of using liquid collagen?

People think the best liquid collagen can make skin more flexible, get rid of lines, help keep joints healthy, and make hair and nails stronger. It might also be good for your health in general.

3. Where can I find the best liquid collagen for my needs?

When looking for the best liquid collagen, you should think about the quality of the ingredients, the type of collagen (I, II, or III), the quantity, any extra nutrients, and any benefits you want, like anti-aging or joint support. Talk to a healthcare provider to get personalised advice.

4. How do I take collagen in liquid form?

Liquid collagen is usually taken by mouth. Follow the dosage advice given by the manufacturer. This could mean mixing it with water or taking it straight up. Some items can also be put into milkshakes and other drinks.

5. Are there any risks or side effects that might come with using the best liquid collagen?

When used as advised, liquid collagen is thought to be safe for most people. Some people may, however, have mild digestive problems or allergic responses. Before starting a new vitamin plan, talk to your doctor, especially if you already have health problems or are pregnant or nursing.

6. When you use liquid collagen, how long does it take to see results?

Results may be different for each person. Some users say their skin, hair, or joint health gets better within weeks, but for most people, it may take a few months of regular use to see real results. It’s important to be patient and consistent.

7. Can I take the best liquid collagen with other medicines or supplements?

Before taking any supplements or medicines together, it’s important to talk to a doctor or nurse to make sure there won’t be any interactions or bad effects.

8. When using liquid collagen, are there any food restrictions?

Most of the time, liquid collagen is safe to use with different meals. However, you should look at the product’s ingredients to see if it has any allergens or other ingredients that might not work with your diet.

9. If I am a veggie or vegan, can I still use liquid collagen?

Since animal products are used to make liquid collagen, it is not good for vegetarians or vegans. There are options for collagen made from plants, but they might not come in liquid form.

10. Is it safe to use liquid collagen for a long time?

Most people think that using best liquid collagen for a long time is safe. However, it’s a good idea to check in with a healthcare worker every so often to see if you need to take supplements.

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