Heavy Metals Detox Diet

by Miral khattak
Heavy Metals

If heavy metals poison you, your doctor will usually give you certain medicines to get rid of the metals from your body. It might also help to eat certain things.

When different heavy metals build up in your body, this is called heavy metal poisoning. Every day, the foods you eat and the air you breathe contain high amounts of heavy metals from factories and the environment. 

These metals are good for you in small amounts—for example, zinc, copper, and iron. Conversely, overexposure can harm you with heavy metals, like in Wilson’s disease. This could kill you.

To get rid of these toxins, you may need to be given medicine intravenously while being watched by a doctor. A process called chelation makes these medicines stick to the metals. Your doctor will do tests to find out how harmful metals are in your blood, urine, and hair.

It is possible to give chelating drugs through an IV or take them by mouth. The drugs will bind to the metal in the body and leave through the pee. 

You could also try a natural treatment that works in addition to chelation, like a “heavy metal detox.” This isn’t true for most of these methods, though. However, some diets include foods that electrically draw metal to help your body eliminate it. 

Heavy Metals Overdose Signs And Symptoms 

Heavy Metals Overdose Signs And

Metals can be poisonous if exposed to them for a long time. They can cause everything from headaches to organ damage. If you are allergic to heavy metals, you should immediately see a doctor.

The signs of heavy metal poisoning depend on the metal you’ve been exposed to too much. Some of the most common metals that are too often exposed are mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium.

These metals can cause short-term effects, such as: 

  • headaches, stomach pain, and cramps
  • sickness vomiting
  • sickness and tiredness
  • having trouble breathing 

In more severe cases of heavy metal poisoning that lasts for a long time, you may have signs like

  • Having burning and tingly feelings
  • long-term illnesses
  • brain fog and trouble seeing
  • Paralysis and insomnia 

What Foods Are Good And Bad For Heavy Metals Exposure 

Heavy Metals Exposure

Heavy metals can build up in many people’s bodies because of the foods they eat. Some studies show that avoiding certain foods may help you avoid getting too much of these toxins. It might also help to eat other foods known to eliminate heavy metals.

Allow Us To Look At The Study. 

Things To Eat 

By getting rid of heavy metals from your body, some foods can help you clean. The metals stick to these foods, and the body gets rid of them when it digests them.

For people exposed to heavy metals, eating foods high in vitamins and minerals can help protect them.

Here Are Some Heavy Metal Detox Foods You Can Eat: 

  • Wild blueberries with parsley and garlic
  • Spirulina and lemon water
  • barley grass juice powder with chlorella
  • Atlantic dulse with curry, green tea, and tomatoes
  • good bacteria 

Also, consider taking supplements if you aren’t getting the daily suggested amount of vitamins.

A lack of vitamins B, B-6, and C is linked to being unable to handle heavy metals well and more likely to become harmful. It has been said that vitamin C can bind to iron and make it less mobile. One study on animals showed that B-1 vitamins lowered the amount of iron in their bodies.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States does not check the quality or purity of vitamins as they do with drugs. Before taking a vitamin, you should also talk to your doctor to ensure it won’t affect any medicines you already take. 

Things Not To Eat 

Adding healthy fruits and vegetables is not the only thing to help your body eliminate heavy metals. If you want to avoid getting heavy metal poisoning or lessen its effects, you need to stop eating some foods.

In particular, this is true for prepared foods and foods with too much fat. These things aren’t perfect for you, making the detox process take longer. This is because fats tend to soak up the bad things you want to get rid of.

On your heavy metal detox diet, you should reduce or stay away from the following foods: 

  • Brown rice because it has a lot of arsenic in it. Some fish, like bigger, longer-living fish, because they have more mercury in them, alcohol, non-organic foods 

The Future Of This Condition 

Heavy metal pollution can cause a lot of bad things to happen. If you don’t treat it, it could kill you. Do what your doctor tells you to do for medical care. Check with your doctor to see if changing your food can help protect you from too much heavy metal.

It takes time, but you can safely eliminate metal pollution from your body. Talk to your doctor or a dietician about your choices before starting the heavy metal detox diet. 

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