Men Oily Skin care Routine By Glum

by Miral khattak
Men Oily Skin care Routine By Glum

Maintaining general skin health, controlling excess oil, and stopping breakouts should be the main goals of a men oily skin care routine. Gentlemen with thick skin can follow this easy and effective skincare routine:

What Does Men Oily Skin Look Like? What Are the Signs?

Men of all ages, backgrounds, and jobs can have oily skin.

Basically, it happens when the skin’s surface picks up too many of the body’s natural oils and gets oily and shiny. 

The problem comes from the sebaceous glands making too much grease. The sebaceous glands under the skin make sebum, which is a fatty substance. It’s good to have sebum because it keeps the face and hair follicles moist. The glands make oil, but when they work too hard and make too much, it causes oily skin.

Different people have different skin types, but in general, guys tend to have oilier skin than women because their sebaceous glands are more active.

Some signs of men oily skin are:

  • Looks shiny or greasy
  • Blackheads and pores that are blocked
  • A pimple
  • Skin that feels thick Pores that look very big

A lot of people don’t know if their skin is “oily” or “combination.” It all depends on how the skin next to the problem spot looks.

 Many people have mixed skin, which means that some parts of their skin are oily, and some parts almost look dry. Here’s an example: If your “T-Zone” (forehead to the bridge of the nose) is oily and your “U-Zone” (cheekbones and chin) is dry, this is a clear sign.

Why does Oily Skin happen?

Oily Skin

So, then, why do guys get oily skin? It’s not as easy as we’d like to think. There are genetic reasons, but there are also a lot of other things that can cause it, like what you eat, stress, and bad skin care.

Dietary Habits

If you eat a lot of sugar, carbs, and cheese, you’re more likely to have oily skin. Because of these reasons, while everyone is different in how sensitive they are to different food ingredients, it is generally best not to eat too much sugar, carbs, or cheese.

Getting enough vitamins B and C will help keep your skin healthy because they control the amount of sebum you make. Eat a range of fruits and veggies to get these naturally. A good multivitamin can help you make sure you’re not missing anything.


The body makes more hormones when it is under a lot of stress. The body’s sebaceous glands make more sebum because of these chemicals. This is most noticeable on the face.

Wrong Skin Care

Men Oily skin can be caused by not taking care of your face properly. It’s not always a good idea to wash your face with a strong cleaner, scrub your skin, or not moisturise because you don’t want it to be sticky. Additionally, it is important to pick the right skin care products and stick to a schedule made just for oily skin.

How to Take Care of Your Skin If You Have Men Oily Skin

Men oily skin, the best way to take care of their skin is to mix cleansing, moisturising, toning, and exfoliating carefully. To make sure that this routine is done right, there is a general process that should be followed. Don’t worry; we’ll get to that in a moment.

As we already talked about, the best skin care practice for people with combination skin is one that treats all of their skin well. In this case, you’d want to keep the dry patches of skin moist while reducing the oil production and shine in the oily spots. Because of this, it’s important to know what kind of skin you have and take extra care of it.

Daily: The best way to take care of oily skin

men oily skin care routine

Face wash for men oily skin.

If you clean your face too much, it can make it make too much oil. We want to wash our faces enough to get rid of extra grease but not so much that it dries out our skin. When our skin gets dry, our bodies send us a message to make more grease to protect it. In this way, we can get stuck in a bad pattern.

We need to be careful when we wash our faces. Scrub it well, but don’t use hot water, wash it too often, or scrub it too hard. All of these things can get rid of extra sebum and make your oil problems worse.

How to Cleanse: If You Have Men Oily Skin

If you have men oily skin, you may need to use stronger soaps or cleansers to stop your skin from making too much oil. At the same time, this may make your sebaceous glands make more oil over time.

Use a men’s product made for oily skin instead of cleaning your face. There are ingredients in some products that leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed and keep it from getting shiny during the day.

Rehydrate and moisturise

When it comes to the face, cleansing and moisturising go hand in hand. Guys who don’t use moisturiser because they think it will make their already oily skin even more oily should really think about that quickly. You might be making things worse!

If you feel like your skin is even slightly dry, it will make more oil to make up for it, which is the last thing you want. So don’t be afraid of moisturiser; instead, look for one that is made for oily skin.

When to use moisturiser


After cleaning, it’s best to moisturise right away. After you wash your face, your pores will be open and ready to take in moisture. This means the moisturiser will work better and faster on the skin.

Use products with water and no oil.

We already said it’s important to use items made for oily skin care routine. Most of the time, these products won’t have any oils in them, but you should still read the chemicals list on the moisturiser you want to buy.

In general, you should use a moisturiser that is based on water. This product is gentle on the skin, deeply moisturises, and makes your face look and feel like a million bucks.

Take Extra Care

The tone

Another way to clean the skin is to tone it. It’s also used to cover up big holes.

Getting Rid of oil and Shine

Cleansing is the first step in a good skin care practice. Next, tone and moisturise. It’s best to look at the back of the product box for directions on how to use it properly.

If you use the right toner, it will get deep into your pores and scrub your skin clean.

Toners pretty much clean up after your main cleaner by getting rid of any residue it left behind. They also improve the look of your skin by making your pores look smaller and your skin making less oil, which makes your skin less shiny.

Skin Peeling

If you have men oily skin, you should exfoliate as part of your practice. People with sticky skin make a lot of sebum, which makes it simple for keratin plugs and acne to form when dirt gets into the pores. Exfoliation is the answer because it keeps the pores clear.

If you follow this advice, you can keep your skin from getting too much oil and dead skin cells, which can make you look bad and lower your confidence.

At the same time, it’s also important not to scrub too often. Many people find that exfoliating too often can irritate and hurt their skin. It can also make their skin dry, which is another problem.

For each person, the best number of times to exfoliate is different. It depends on what was used and how the skin is. Always follow the directions that come with the things you buy, and start slowly.

More Advice on How to Deal Men Oily Skin

How to Choose an Exfoliator

A scrub with small pieces that get rid of dead skin cells works well for oily skin. If you scrub, make sure it doesn’t hurt your face. If that’s the case, the brush is too rough.

A clay mask cleans deeply.

A clay mask cleans deeply.

A great and easy way to scrub your face is to put on a clay mask. Clay masks get rid of dirt, oil, and other things that are gently stuck in your pores.

Do not pick.

When you have men oily skin, you often get acne. It’s really tempting to pick at these breakouts because they are so annoying and painful. 

Please don’t pick those spots, though! That’s right, picking at your spots not only makes them worse by adding germs, but it also leaves scars.

To control pimples, you can buy over-the-counter medicines like acne patches.

Clean Up On The Go

water base cleanser

Extra oil is probably something you deal with every day if you have men oily skin. Luckily, oil-blotting paper or face wipes can help you deal with it. Oil blotting paper does exactly what it sounds like it does. Facial wipes are a kind of soft, soothing paper that is made to wipe away dirt and oil. It can also be used to quickly clean the skin after cleaning your face.

When used with oil-blotting paper, face wipes are a great way to get rid of oil. They’re useful when you’re not at home because you can keep them in your bag or back pocket and still be able to find them quickly.

But remember that you can’t use too many face wipes and oil blotting paper. Using too much will strip your skin of the oils it needs, leaving it without the grease it needs to look healthy and alive.

In the end

In conclusion, men oily skin need to follow a structured skincare routine to keep their skin healthy and balanced. By following the steps in this process, you can control your skin’s production of too much oil, lower your risk of acne and other skin problems, and make your skin look clearer and healthier.

 Keep in mind that consistency is very important, and it might take a while before you notice big changes in your face. Your best bet is to be patient and do what you’re supposed to do.

 Talking to a dermatologist or other skin care professional is also a good idea if you have specific worries or skin problems that won’t go away. This way, you can make sure that your routine fits your needs. Caring for your face not only makes you look better but also helps your health in general.


What makes men skin oily?

Genetics, changes in hormones, food, and skin care habits are just some of the things that can cause oily skin. It’s usually caused by sebum glands that make too much oil.

Do guys with oily skin really need to follow a skincare routine?

Even if you have oily skin, you should still follow a skin care program. Taking good care of your face can help stop it from making too much oil, stop acne from happening, and keep it healthy.

If I have oily skin, how often should I wash my face?

Two times a day, in the morning and before bed, you should wash your face. Using a gentle cleaner that doesn’t contain oil can help get rid of dirt and oil.

What should I do if my face is oily?

Yes, cleansing is important for all skin types, even oily skin. Oil-free or non-comedogenic creams that won’t clog your pores are what you should look for. Getting enough water can actually help control how much oil is made.

What should I look for in skin care items if I have oily skin?

Look for items that have salicylic acid, glycolic acid, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid in them. These can help keep oil under control, scrub the skin, and keep it moist.

If my skin is oily, can I still use sunscreen?

Of course. Sunscreen is important for everyone, no matter what kind of skin they have. To protect your skin from UV damage without making it feel greasy, choose sunscreens that don’t contain oil or that make your skin feel matte.

How can someone with thick skin keep acne from showing up?

Acne can be avoided by regularly cleaning, using products that don’t clog pores, and exfoliating twice or three times a week. Keep your pillowcase clean, and don’t touch your face.

Should people with thick skin use a toner?

Yes, a wash with gentle ingredients that control oil can help keep your skin’s pH level and reduce oil production. Use it after you wash your face but before you moisturise.

I have oily skin. Should I stay away from heavy or fatty products?

Yes, items that are heavy or oil-based can make oiliness worse. To keep your pores from getting clogged, use light, oil-free, and non-comedogenic items.

When should I think about seeing a dermatologist?

If you have acne that won’t go away or skin problems that don’t get better with over-the-counter medicines, you should see a dermatologist for personalised skin care help and possible treatments.


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