Best Primer For Large Pores By Glum

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Best Primer For Large Pores By Glum

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The best primer for large pores will depend on a number of things, such as your face type and personal tastes. Here are some well-known primers that can help with the look of big pores:

What Is a Primer?


As the first step in your makeup process after taking care of your skin, you should use a primer to help make the surface smooth for your makeup. It comes in a lot of different forms and materials, like gels, light creams, lotions, and even sticks.

Why do you use primers?

Primer is an important part of putting on makeup because it keeps it in place for hours. Depending on the formula, it may also help reduce the look of oiliness and shine during the day. This will help your foundation stay fresh and matte, which is great if you have oily or mixed skin. While some primers can make your skin look smoother and brighter, others can blur the look of pores, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. 

How to Pick the Best Primer for Large Pores

If your pores are large, look for primers that have salicylic acid or other BHAs that exfoliate to help make them look smaller. To make your skin look smoother and more even-toned, you should also look for ingredients that blur or mattify.

The 16 Best Primers for Large Pores

Here are some of our favorite starters that can help make pores look smaller.

Stick Pore Filler by NYX Professional Makeup

Choose this NYX Professional Makeup formula if you want a focused stick that can hide flaws under or on top of makeup. It gets rid of fine lines and uneven skin tone right away, leaving you with a smooth surface for makeup. You can also use it during the day to wipe away shine and extra oil.

nyx pore filler targeted stick
Product BenefitsColor Correction,Shine,Smoothening
Item FormCream
Skin TypeAll

Oil-free makeup primer from IT Cosmetics is better for your skin. 

The Your Skin But Better Primer from IT Cosmetics helps your makeup last longer and smooth out the look of your pores. It keeps the skin moist and can be used on all skin types, even sensitive ones.

it cosmetics your skin but better primer

Dermablend Poresaver Matte Primer for Makeup

Poresaver is a mattifying primer that works to reduce the look of pores and give you a skin tone that looks perfect. Not only does it have a matte finish, but it also doesn’t dry out the skin and feels good on its own or under makeup.

Dermablend Poresaver Matte Makeup Primer
Product BenefitsLightweight, clear jelly primer makeup absorbs to a smooth canvas under foundation and concealer. Cruelty Free.Lightweight, clear jelly primer makeup absorbs to a smooth canvas under foundation and co… See more
Item Formliquid
Skin TypeCombination, Oily Sensitive, Normal

Lancôme La Base Pro Primer for Nose and Lips

People with oily skin often have best primer for large pores, which makes it even more important to choose the right makeup. If you have oily skin with large pores, try this oil-free makeup that minimizes pores right away.

Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

When you were younger, large pores were definitely the last thing on your mind. You can’t go back in time, but you can try to look younger and smoother. This primer helps make skin look smooth and poreless, which is why it’s called “Baby Skin.”

Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
Product BenefitsMoisturizing,Plumping,Smoothening,Softening
CoverageMedium, Sheer
Item FormGel
Skin TypeAll

Nude Blotting Lotion by YSL Beauty

Due to the salicylic acid in it, this primer makes skin smoother by making it more matte. It soaks up shine all day, leaving your skin fresh and matte, and it even has limonite extract for extra detoxification.

YSL Beauty Nu Blotting Lotion

The Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer from NYX Professional Makeup

This finishing primer will give you the skin of an angel because it blurs, smooths, as well as mattifies the skin. With its smooth, creamy finish, it will blend in well with your skin and keep your makeup in place.

NYX Professional Makeup Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer
Product BenefitsFlawless
Item FormCream
Skin TypeAll

The All Nighter Face Primer by Urban Decay

The best primer for large pores is a fan favourite because it grips and holds onto makeup for a long-lasting finish. It also helps make your skin look smoother and softer, and it gives you a natural glow that is never shiny. We really like that it’s vegan, very light, and works well with all face products, from foundation to CC cream.


Urban Decay All Nighter Face Primer
Product BenefitsHydrating
Item FormGel
Skin TypeAll

Face Primer from L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect

You can hide flaws with this primer, which also helps even out skin tone and structure. Plus, It contains a caring serum to help nourish and cover pimples and large pores and soften the skin.

L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Blurring Face Primer
BrandL’Oréal Paris
Product BenefitsRadiant Skin,Smoothening,Softening
Item FormCream
Skin TypeAll
Package InformationTube

 Luminous Silk Primer by Giorgio Armani Beauty

Want to reduce the look of large pores without drying out your skin? Choose this nourishing primer to get a glow that comes from within without too much shine.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Primer
Package InformationBottle
Finish TypeLuminous
Item Volume30 Milliliters

Primer for Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pores

Because it works so well on oily and mixed skin , Dr. Brandt Pores No More will become one of your new daily must-haves. It quickly gets rid of stiffness and rough texture, soaks up oil, and makes pores look smaller.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer
BrandDr. Brandt Skincare
Product BenefitsPore Treatment
Item FormCream
Skin TypeNormal

For Sol Pretty Filter, Touch It In Ice Cream Sherbet Base

This primer cools the skin and smooths out big pores and other skin problems right away. It’s a thick gel that goes on smoothly. For a smooth makeup look, we love putting this under a CC cream or foundation.

Touch In Sol Pretty Filter Icy Sherbet Primer
BrandTouch in Sol
Product BenefitsAnti-aging,Hydrating,Moisturizing,Nourishing,Radiant Skin,Smoothening,Soothing
Skin TypeAll,Dry,Sensitive Skin
Package InformationTube
Finish TypeRadiant

Put away your Instant Pore Perfector now.

This choice is good for your skin because it has hyaluronic acid, niacin and mushroom extract, which are all soothing. According to the brand, and is great for minimizing the appearance of breakouts.

Peace Out Instant Pore Perfector

Instantly blurs, fills and helps reduce the look of pores, fine lines and imperfections.

Rare Beauty Pore Diffusing the Best Primer for large pores 

This formula is perfect for people who want a light choice that blurs, softens, and lessens the look of large pores. Hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, and vitamin E are in it to keep the face hydrated, healthy, and calm.

Rare Beauty Pore Diffusing Primer
Product BenefitsMoisturizing
Item FormCream
Skin TypeAll

MILK Makeup Pore Eclipse Mattifying Primer.

The niacinamide, bakuchiol, and lentil extract in this blurring primer help reduce the look of large pores. It will keep your face fresh and matte and cut down on shine and oil.

MILK Makeup Pore Eclipse Mattifying Primer
Product BenefitsFine Line Treatment
Package InformationTube
Finish TypeMatte

MILK Makeup Pore Eclipse Mattifying Primer.

The niacinamide, bakuchiol, and lentil extract in this blurring primer help reduce the look of large pores. It will keep your face fresh and matte and cut down on shine and oil.

e.l.f. Cosmetics Poreless Putty Primer
Product BenefitsHydrating
Item FormCream
Skin TypeNormal

Pregame Primer for YouthForia

There is a sebum control complex in this pregame primer that helps keep your face fresh, matte, and oil-free. It also protects against blue light and has plant elastomers that make putting on makeup easier.

Youthforia Pregame Primer

In conclusion

Finally, to find the best primer for large pores, you should think about important factors like its ability to fill in pores, its matte finish, its oil-free formulas, its blurring effects, its long-lasting qualities, and the fact that it doesn’t clog pores. A good primer that solves these issues can make your skin smooth so that you can put on makeup and hide pores at the same time.

In the end, the best primer for large pores may be different for each person, based on their skin type and personal taste. Before buying a full-size product, it’s a good idea to think about things like your skin’s sensitivity and hydration needs and try out freebies or testers. You can get a smoother, more refined skin with the right primer. This will help your makeup stay put all day and make your pores look smaller.


What’s the point of using a primer on large holes?

 The main reason to use a primer for large pores is to make the skin smooth and even before putting on makeup. Many of these primers have ingredients that smooth out and fill in pores, making the skin smoother so that makeup can be applied more smoothly.

What are the most important things I should look for in a best primer for large pores?

Look for primers that have ingredients that fill in pores, a matte finish to keep shine under control, oil-free formulas, blurring effects, long-lasting qualities, and formulas that won’t clog pores. These features help make holes look smaller and give you a smooth base for makeup.

Can people with all skin types use primers for large pores?

 Yes, some starters are made for different skin types. You might want to try oil-free and mattifying primers if you have greasy skin. If your face is dry, hydrating primers might work better. Always read the labels to see if the product is good for your skin type.

Are there primers for large holes that are easy on the wallet?

 Yes, some choices won’t break the bank. Many people choose NYX Professional Makeup Pore Filler because it works well and doesn’t cost a lot of money.

How do I put on a primer if I have large pores?

Moisturize your skin first, then spread a small bit of primer all over your face. Pay attention to spots with larger holes. Before putting on foundation or other makeup, wait one minute for the primer to set.

 Can I wear a primer for large pores without any other makeup?

Many primers can be worn on their own to make the face look smoother. They can help 

control shine and give a slight blurring effect even when you don’t wear any other makeup.

 If I have sensitive skin, are there any chemicals I should stay away from?

 People with sensitive skin might want to stay away from primers that have scents or certain chemicals in them. Choose hypoallergenic goods and do a patch test before using the whole thing.

How do I pick the best primer for my face type?

 Think about what kind of skin you have and what worries you. Look for primers that make your face less oily. Water-based creams are best for dry skin. It would help if you also tried samples or small amounts of the product on your skin to make sure it works well with it.

Can a primer for large pores help make fine lines look less noticeable?

 Many pore-filling creams are made to smooth out the skin’s surface, which can make fine lines and wrinkles look less noticeable


 How often should I use a foundation for large pores?

Yes, you can use the best primer for large pores every day as part of your makeup step. But it’s important to wash your face well at the end of the day to get rid of all the makeup and product buildup.


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