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by Miral khattak
Lip Masks

The skincare business has a number of well-known lip masks for skincare. But keep in mind that products may become less famous or more available over time, and new products may have come out since then. Other lip masks for skincare that got good reviews are listed below:

Lip masks are now an important part of many people’s skincare habits because they keep lips soft, hydrated, and healthy. 

Even people who are very careful about their skincare sometimes forget to moisturize their lips. It’s skin, even if that spot on your lips is a different color than the rest of your face. It’s more possible for the thin top layer to dry out, crack, get fine lines, and get other sun damage. With the right lip makeup, you can take good care of your lips.

Vitamins C, E, niacinamide, and silymarin (milk thistle) are some of the antioxidants that esthetician Jodi Shays suggests. “Antioxidants in lip masks for skincare help prevent premature signs of aging and also help retain moisture—less chance of chapping!—so your lips appear smoother,” she shares with Byrdie. A skincare expert with more than 20 years of experience knows how important it is to find a mask that will moisturize, soften, and smooth the lips while also making them look bigger.

Besides that, some products gently scrub away dead skin and flaky lips. “They can also be very healing for those exposed to the elements,” Shays says. In The Lab, we tried more than twenty lip masks to help you choose. Before choosing the ten we’d use again and again, we looked at how each formula felt, how much moisture it gave our lips, and how it made our lips look. It also looked into lip balm applicators and other important ingredients like shea butter, vitamin C, and fruit oils. Let’s just say that we did not take this job lightly.  

These lip masks get great reviews, and you can use them every night as part of your nightly skincare routine or as a light conditioner every day. Here are some well-known lip masks that are very famous in the world of skin care:

The Laney Lip Sleeping Mask is the best overall.

Item FormBalm
Finish TypeGlossy
Skin TypeOily, Combination, Sensitive, Dry, Normal

 The Lip Sleeping Mask from Laneige Made my lips soft overnight

  • Things We Like
  • Creamy and jelly-like texture
  • Not greasy or sticky
  • Things We Don’t Like
  • Contains fragrance

Even though we tried a lot of great items, Laneige stood out. The tester who tried the brand’s well-knownSleeping Lip Masks for skincare said it felt just right, “between a jelly and a cream.” Spread it out with the wand that comes with it. It doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. It does not take much to make a difference.

Our taster, whose lips get dry and crack all the time, liked the mask a lot after putting it on. A little shine was on Sheen, and her lips felt “extra juicy” from being moist. Also, they looked really soft and bendy. The original berry product, which had a light pink tint that matched her lips well, was what she tried. (Now you can choose from five tasty tastes.)

As the name says, the Lip Sleeping Mask is meant to be worn at night. Keep this bottle in the drawer of your bed. It’s also great for use during the day because most of it is absorbed in 30 minutes or less. When our reviewer wiped off the rest of the product an hour later, she could tell her lips were in better shape. This thing is nice, but we wish it were cheaper.

It has shea butter, vitamin C, and fruit oils as its main ingredients. It weighs 0.7 ounces and is not tested on animals.

How Our Editors See It

“My lips are always cracking, dry, and parched, and they hurt.” It made a difference right away after I used it. My lips felt really juicy after I put this mask on. They feel and look very soft, moist, and bendy. —Danielle Ransom, Product Tester

The best cosmetics for people on a budget are Balms Away Coconut Lip Treatment

  • Feel 4.5/5
  •  5/5 for hydration 5/5 for overall look
  • Things we like
  • Make sure the jar is clean.
  • A soft, creamy feel
  • Softens and smooths lips
  • Things We Don’t Like
  • A little tacky
  • There is no face.

If you want something that won’t cost as much, choose Noted. Balms Away comes in a clean box and is used like lip gloss. Someone who tried it said it was a little sticky but still nice and smooth.

After she put a mix of shea butter and castor oil on them, they felt softer and smoother. She also didn’t get flaky lips. It’s a great lip balm, not a mask.

Castor oil and shea butter, respectively, are the main ingredients. It weighs 0.3 ounces and is cruelty-free.

Pay extra for the Kaplan MD Perfect Pout Lip Mask.

  • See 5/5
  •  Feel 5/5 
  • Hydration 5/5
  •  Look 5/5

Things We Like

Light and creamy texture

Makes skin soft and smooth

It gently removes dead skin. What We Don’t Like: It’s pricey.

It’s okay to spend a little more on lip care. You can trust Kaplan, MD. This brand’s Perfect Pout Mask comes with a useful tool that makes it simple to take it out and use. It felt very light and smooth, and the person who tried it loved how it melted into her lips.

To get rid of fine lines on and around the lips, it uses organic papaya enzymes to scrub gently, amino acids to make the skin thicker, and water to make up for what was lost. Our tester left it on for five minutes, and his lips were smoother, softer, and more hydrated when he was done.

Key Ingredients: organic papaya enzymes, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids; Size: 1 ounce; No animal testing; Yes.

The Things Our Testers Say

“It feels great on the lips and makes them instantly smoother and softer.” No matter what the weather was like, I would use this all year. I really liked it!”—Subu Mahtani, Product Tester.

She loves 2PCS overnight lip masks for skincare.

Item FormBalm
Finish TypeNatural
Skin TypeDry
ColorHoney + Sakura
  • Feel 4.5/5
  •  Hydration 5/5
  •  Overall Look 5/5
  • Things We Like
  • Two in a pack
  • A large amount
  • A lot of water.
  • What We Don’t Like: The brush is hard to use.

This lot of lip masks for skincare gives you the most for your money. It comes in two big jars. One is for daytime, and the other is for nighttime. The person who tasted them said the first one is a smooth balm, and the second one is stickier.

A handy brush comes with the masks. It’s nice, but not the most useful thing because you have to clean and store it every time you use it. After letting both products work for a while, our tester’s lips felt and looked better. Even though these gel masks don’t make your lips shine, you can still use them on their own or over other lip products.

Important Parts: vitamin E, beeswax, and honey. Each one weighs 0.4 ounces.

Dermelect Smooth & Supple Lip Mask Melt is the best way to use it.

  • Feel 5/5
  •  Hydration 5/5
  •  Overall Look 5/5
  • Things We Like
  • Applicator with a zinc tip
  • Not sticky or tacky
  • Very good for hydrating
  • Things We Don’t Like
  • Not good for traveling

The Lip Mask Melt from Dermelect comes with a brush that has a ball tip on the end. The tester said the lip balm is very rich, doesn’t stick, and has “amazing slip.” When used with the zinc-coated brush, it cools the lips nicely while giving them enough moisture to heal sunburned or chapped lips with soothing itchiness.

We really liked the box that this high-end mask came in. The container and applicator tool are pretty big, so it’s not the best for moving. We wouldn’t mind leaving it out on our bathroom table or nightstand, though.

The best overnight lip masks for skincare glow Goodnight Embrace.

The best overnight lip mask is the Aglow Goodnight Embrace.

  • Feel 5/5
  •  Hydration 5/5
  •  Overall Look 5/5
  • Things we enjoy
  • Feels like jelly
  • Very good for keeping lips moist and soft.
  • What We Don’t Like

The Goodnight Kiss mask was the best one we tried. Our tester loved how Smooth and Easy it Spread Without Being Sticky. It felt like Vaseline and was jelly-like. She said right away that her lips looked smoother and healthier.

Plus, wearing it for a short time during the day will still help. It works best before bed. It costs a lot for this lip mask, but the bottle is pretty big, and a little goes a long way, so it should last you a while.

Shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and fruit oils are some of the main ingredients. It weighs 0.5 ounces and is cruelty-free.
The very best GelBelif Aqua Bomb Overnight Lip Masks for skincare

  • Feel 5/5
  •  Hydration 5/5
  •  Overall Look 5/5
  • Things we enjoy
  • Smooth and creamy
  • A great deal of water.
  • Helps lips stay soft.
  • What We Don’t Like
  • Not a spray gum

If you like gels, this is the one for you. Our tester had no trouble putting on Belif’s Aqua Bomb because it was smooth, light, and simple to spread. A little goes a long way, she also said.

This Korean lip masks for skincare makes your lips feel soft right away. After letting the formula fix and condition for a few hours, our tester’s lips were still very moist and easy to bend. There was one thing she said she would change about the product: she wished it came with a tool that would have made it easier to use with long nails.

The main ingredients are licorice, madecassoside, and shea butter. It weighs 0.7 ounces and is not tested on animals.

Best for moisturizing Lip Balm Cream from Kiehl’s

  • Feel 5/5
  •  Hydration 5/5
  •  Overall Look 5/5
  • Things We Like
  • Soft and absorbent at the same time
  • Helps with irritation
  • Wonderful Smells Things We Don’t Like
  • The smell of the beeswax wasn’t good for the testers.
  • The thing inside the jar might be tough to get out.

Cracked and dry lips? Get Kiehl’s Butter Mask. It was as easy to spread as butter, this thick, healthy cream. As soon as the product touched our tester’s face, it was almost impossible to see. It was like being in “the softest, smoothest cocoon.”

She had dry lip mask for skincare before this mask was put on, but it made them soft and soothed any pain. She also liked the way mango and coconut smelled when they were fresh. It says “overnight treatment,” but the product absorbs quickly and is so good that you could use it as a lip balm during the day.

Coconut oil and mango butter are the main ingredients. It weighs 0.4 ounces and is cruelty-free.

What Our Testers Say

  • “My dry lips turned into the softest lips I’ve ever had.” Something big changed.—Danielle Ransom, Product Tester

The Calendula lip conditioner from Beautycounter is the best one that doesn’t test on animals.

  • Feel 5/5
  •  Hydration 5/5
  •  Overall Look 5/5
  • Things we enjoy
  • One that comes from nature
  • Very good for moisture
  • Things We Don’t Like About Shiny Sheen
  • Vegans should not eat it.

The Lab also liked Beautycounter’s Lip Conditioner a lot. It’s not sticky and feels great on the lips. It smelled great, and the tester loved that it was made with natural chemicals. The lip balm was simple to use and made her lips soft and shiny.

Leaping Bunny has said that this product does not use animal testing. It has also been “EWG-verified,” which means that it meets the Environmental Working Group’s requirements for things that are made without harmful substances. It’s not vegan, though, because it has lanolin in it, which comes from sheep’s wool.

Key Ingredients: lanolin, calendula oil, avocado oil, chamomile, and shea butter. Size: 0.4 ounces. No animal testing.

I love that this is a safe choice that doesn’t have any chemicals added to it. The marigold and chamomile oils make the face shine and smell nice. — Jeanie Voltsinis, Product Observer

For more than one use, this is the best sleeping lip masks for skincare.

  • Feel 5/5
  • Hydration 5/5
  •  Overall Look 5/5
  • Things we enjoy
  • Not sticky or viscous
  • Light, soft, and creamy
  • It helps with all dry spots
  • What We Don’t Like
  • An unclean application

The Overnight Lip Masks for skincare from Archaeology isn’t just something you use before bed. Shoulder blades, knees, nails, and any other dry or cracked skin can get some TLC from the all-star balm. It has squalane and plant oils that are good for your skin.

One of our testers said it is light, creamy, and good for you, and it doesn’t stick to the skin. Her lips felt softer, smoother, and more moisturized right away, and they looked bigger, too. Please remember that you have to use your finger to apply the lip balm, which is not the best method, as most lip balms that come in jars do.

Coconut oil, macadamia oil, olive oil, and squalane are the key things that go into it. Animal-free, it comes in 0.5- to 1-teaspoon sizes.

Jodi Shays has been able to work as a groomer in California for 20 years. She is also the owner of the Queen Bee Beauty & Salon in Culver City, which is located in California. This place does haircuts, waxing, tanning, and other things.

How We Made Sure

Byrdie editors looked at the 25 best-selling and most-reviewed lip masks for skincare on the market right now and chose to try 23 of them. We made sure that our testers closely read the lists of ingredients and followed the steps that the brands told them to. People took part in the tests both at home (overnight) and in The Lab, which is where we tested our goods.

The things were then given a score from 1 to 5 based on how they felt, looked, and were wet. After price and results were taken into account, these were the ones that got the best marks. All of the lip masks we tested got excellent feedback, so we can pretty much say that you should try them.

We also looked at something else.

This is the Lip Sleep Propolis Sleeping Mask from CosRX.

This thing has a thick, slightly sticky feel to it. When you leave treatment overnight, this isn’t always a bad thing, but our tester was afraid that it would spread to other skin and make it itch or break out. Besides that, she loved how it made her skin soft, smooth, and shiny.

the company Lip Mask On The Move

Even though it felt a little sticky, our taster liked how creamy this item was. She thought it was a leave-on mask since it didn’t say how to use it. Her lips felt soft, smooth, and nourished after she wiped it off.

A mask to wear overnight with the Ilia mouth wrap

Ilia makes a lip masks for skincare that is a bit rough and doesn’t melt off like a leave-on treatment would. Instead, it feels more like a scrub. Our tester said it made her lips feel soft and healthy, even though it left little white spots on them. It’s not very important that she liked how fancy the frosted glass jar looked.

What a lip mask should have: ingredients that keep your lips moist

Humectants, such as hyaluronic acid, keep the lips moist. Emollients, such as oils, make the skin smooth. And these agents, such as shea butter, keep the wetness in.

Ingredients that scrub the skin

If your skin is dry and your lips are dry, use a lip mask with chemicals that scrub the skin. Papaya enzymes are often used in recipes. 

One last thought 

Last but not least, skincare has changed a great deal over the years. Lip masks for skincare have changed the way people try to keep their lips soft and healthy. The 10 best lip masks for skincare this piece looked at really stand out as the best in the beauty world.


Why are lip balms good for you?

Lip masks for skincare are a lot more moisturizing than regular lip balms. They work like face masks. They also do other good things, like cleaning and protecting against free radicals.

How do I put on a lip mask?

Follow the rules. Some come in jars or tubes. Just spread a small bit across your lips to use them. These can be taken off after a few months, but some should be left on all night. Other ones are one-time-use things that you only need to leave on for a few minutes. They’re like sheet masks for your lips.

How often should you use a lip masks for skincare?

Most solutions can be used once a day (and sometimes even more often) because they don’t say otherwise in the list of ingredients. 


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