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by Miral khattak
Men's skincare

The skincare world is constantly changing, and people of all genders want healthy, glowing skin. Men, like women, should have a skincare routine that fits their wants and way of life. As we deal with the stresses of daily life, environmental stressors, and the natural ageing process, guys need to put their skin health first more and more.

Awareness of the unique features of male skin, usually thicker and oilier than female skin, is essential to learning the basics of men’s skincare. Because they shave, spend a lot of time in the sun, and undergo biological changes, men have more difficulty keeping their skin clear, healthy, and young.

Different kinds of skin 

There are four main types of Men’s skincare: 

  • Healthy skin can handle a range of skincare items without any adverse effects. 
  • Dry skin

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Some parts can turn red and flaky, especially when they’re out in the cold winter weather. This type may also be yours if you take away the If you wash or scrub your body too hard, you can remove the natural oils from your skin. You are more likely to get eczema if you have this skin type. 

  • It is easy to hurt skin: with different goods in some other ways. This type of men’s skincare might give you a rash or make your skin itch, turn red, or burn when you try new skin care products. 
  • Oily skin: makes your face look bright or shiny. When you have this skin type, you tend to break out or get acne more often. 

You might also have mixed skin, where the middle of your face is oily and other parts, like your cheeks, are dry. 

Important things to have for men’s skincare

At the very least, everything you do should clean your skin, keep it fresh, and add a barrier to protect it in case it gets hurt or irritated. It can take time to pick out the best products from the many available. However, it might be easier to find the proper ingredients if you focus on these three goals: clean, hydrate, and guard… Here are some ingredients you should look for and avoid when shopping for cleansers and creams. 

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Cleansing products 

The first thing that works to clean is a bar of soap. Some traditional soaps are so good at what they do that they take away all of your skin’s natural oils when they clean off dirt, oil, or makeup, says Dr. Wu. Choose a mild cleanser with the right pH level for your face. If you have dry or sensitive skin, use a cream-based wash. Use a foaming cleaner if you have oily or mixed skin.

Products that moisturise

 Water in your skin to keep it soft, complete, and moist. The thing that brings water in and keeps it there is hyaluronic acid. But it would be best if you also look for moisturisers with ceramides. 

“Ceramides are part of the lipid or fat layer of your skin,” says Dr. Wu. “So it helps your skin’s barrier get stronger.” 

Choline and glycolic acid are two types. 

To treat pimples, these two things are must-haves. Both use acids to remove the top layer of skin, but salicylic acid can reach oil glands deeper. 

Eye cream is not required.

You can use an eye cream daily if you have specific problems, like dark circles or puffy eyes. Look for things that have caffeine or hyaluronic acid in them. This is a good thing for men’s skincare.

Don’t use perfumes. 

Everything smells like something these days, which can be annoying. They could make you allergic, which could cause spots on your face, head, and neck that are red, itchy, or scaly. Some things are only safe if they smell good. 

Dr. Wu states, “You should look for something that says it has no scent.” “They might put a scent on something that doesn’t smell, making it seem like it doesn’t have a scent. 

When you have a contact allergy to a fragrance, it usually takes days or even weeks after you start using the product for the response. 

Healthy habits for daily life

Healthy habit for healthy life

Make sure you drink a lot of water to stay healthy.

Get enough sleep to help your face heal.

Eat a healthy meal of omega-3 fatty acids, fruits, and vegetables.

Avoid aftershaves that contain booze. 

There’s nothing better than the burn you feel right after shaving. It might feel good initially, but it’s making it harder for your skin to stay moisturised because it dries it out. 

“Products with alcohol are usually meant to be antiseptic and help keep you from getting an infection, but they can be very irritating to the skin.” “For most people, a moisturiser works better than an alcohol-based aftershave,” says Dr. Wu. 

To keep your routine as easy as possible, keep it clean, moisturise it, and protect your skin. 

Step 1:Do a cleanse twice a day.

It would help to clean your face twice daily, first thing in the morning and right before bed. It would help if you cleared right away for those who work out in the morning or afternoon. 

face cleansing

Use warm water with your cleaner, even in the shower. Hot water can take away your skin’s oils. Rub the cleanser into your skin with your fingertips, and then wash it off thoroughly. Don’t rub off all the water when you dry. Instead, it would help if you pat dry. 

Step 2: Moisturise two times a day.

After washing, your skin is still a little damp. A moisturiser locks that moisture in. “The goal here is to rebuild that lipid barrier in your skin by keeping it moist,” Dr. Wu says. Putting together your skin layer again helps keep chemicals and irritants outside your body.   

Moisturise two times a day

The third step is to use sunscreen every morning.

Even on cloudy days, UV rays can speed up ageing, colouring, fine lines, and wrinkles, so it’s best to use sunscreen daily. Another way to avoid getting skin cancer is to use sunscreen.

Some extra tips are there for you if you shave.

  • One of the most common things guys worry about is shaving. There are other things to think about besides the fact that you should stay away from aftershaves with alcohol in them.  
  • Cleanse your face first since hair is smoother after a warm or hot wash. 
  • Shave with a simple, light cream or oil to keep from getting rashes or ingrown hairs.
  • Shave in the way that your hair grows to keep your skin from getting red. A safe electric razor can help if your skin is red or dry. 
  • Use a light moisturiser on your face after shaving to keep it soft. You can also use something with oil in it if your skin is dry. 
  • A light face brush or another exfoliant should be used on your skin a few times a week to get rid of dead skin cells and stop getting ingrown hairs. 

For more difficult moves 

“Lessons are beautiful a lot of the time,” says Dr. Wu. “But you can make your routine as fancy as you want. The steps below can help you improve your skincare routine if you’re going to make it more difficult. 

In the morning, put on an antioxidant lotion. 

“To make it more advanced, you should add a product that repairs cells and stops damage,” says Dr. Wu. Free radicals can hurt your skin, but vitamin C-rich antioxidant cream can help keep it healthy. Free radicals are things in the air and your body that damage cells as you breathe and age.

First thing in the morning, Dr. Wu says to wash your face with water and then put this on.

When you go to bed, use retinol. 

According to Dr. Wu, a substance called retinol is one of the most important for fighting aging because it helps with fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven skin tone. Retinol removes the top layer of skin from your body naturally. It also helps your body make collagen, which makes your skin feel smooth and whole. Don’t use retinol in the morning because it can make the sun hurt you more. 

When should you start taking care of your skin? 

It’s different for everyone, but you should start caring for your face at any age. As early as their 20s, some people start to get wrinkles and look old. Dr. Wu says everyone should start being careful with the sun when they are young.

When should you go to the doctor? 

That’s how often Dr. Wu says you should check your skin: three to four times a year, single or with a partner. When you see your family doctor for checkups, they should also look at your face. If you notice these things, you should begin caring for your face at any age. People start to look old once they are in their 20s. Dr. Wu says everyone must start early to protect their skin from the sun.

When moles or growths change size, shape, or colour, you should see a doctor you trust if you have any new or revised spots. Skin issues like acne, rosacea, and eczema won’t improve even if you take care of them daily. You need to get help from a doctor who is board-certified.

Last Thoughts

Finally, a complete men’s skincare routine for guys should be easy to follow, consistent, and tailored to their needs. First, use a mild wash to get rid of dirt and oil. Next, use a moisturiser to keep the skin moist. To protect yourself from UV rays:

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  1. Consider adding sunscreen for men’s skincare.
  2. Make sure your routine works for your skin type and worries, and don’t be afraid to try extra products like serums or exfoliants if you need them.
  3. Remember that men’s skincare is a personal journey.
  4. Find what works best for you and enjoy the process as a way to take care of yourself. You should take the time and care for your face like any other part of your health.

Cheers to skin that is better for you!

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